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       Omer Rizi                                     Zur Ben Zeev                                                      Sharon Laloum.                                                 Roni Zadik                                                 Chen Meir                                        Kobi Shefi


Common Bond is one of  Israel's leading music group. 
It is an ensemble of  five instrumentalists and  a vocalist featuring original new style music- - written and arranged especially for this ensemble by its founder "Acum"  winner award for original music  2014 , Kobi Shefi. The members of the ensemble come from a wide range of musical backgrounds: from Classical music through Rock & Jazz to Ethnic music. Each figure contributes his own style and experience. Common Bond features a rich, warm and unique sound. Common Bond’s offers the project  "ancient song of nature"– which is inspired by motives from the Balkan, the Middle-East and west Afrika. "Revival" – a  unique sound that combines motives from classic muzic,  blues, rock and jazz. With the great sound of the vocalist. this program brings up a new fresh sound, a rare exciting combination of a familiar sound combined with a new style. Common Bond’s shows is hot, energetic and versatile. They  can be described as a journey through an intricate web of musical styles, uniting on stage to form a warm and homogenous picture of a pure love for music.
Since the ensemble was founded Common bond has performed in all important jazz festivals, venues and clubs in Israel, as well as participated in major festivals in the world- in Canada, Europe, and  South Africa. 
Common bond released its third album , with the support of the music department - the Ministry of Culture and Sports. 

Major performances

Singer festival Warsaw Poland Silesian

Jazz Festival Katowice Poland

Ottawa international jazz festival -

Canada Anniversaries De Quebec - Canada 400

Kultfest Rovinj - Croatia

Summer nights Belgrade – Serbia

Joy of Jazz festival – Johannesburg – South Africa

Limasol world music festival – Cyprus

Red sea Jazz festival – Israel

Jazzcaar Estonia – Tallinn, Parnu –

Ruska swing Jazz festival – Finland

Kaunas International Jazz festival – Lithuania

Prague Rock Café - Czech republic

Israel festival -

Israel Golan Blues festival -

Israel Tel- Aviv Black &Blues Festival -

Israel Common bond's members:

Kobi Shefi -
guitar, composition and arrangement Born in 1960 in Israel. He studied guitar with Gil Dor, and finished music studies at the "Remon Jazz and Contemporary Music" school. Since he finished his studies, Kobi has been fully engaged in music - he founded and played in several bands such as "Nofat", "Parfar", "Trialog", "Sixties in Talk" and "Neshum HaTafoz". Kobi appeared at the leading festivals in Israel such as the Red Sea Festival, the Film and Videotape Jazz Festival at the Cinematheque in Tel Aviv, the Israel Festival, the Klezmer Festival in Safed and the Haifa Festival and played in the Tel Aviv Museum's jazz series with Paul Bley. Abroad he performed with Common Bond - at the "Kaunos" festival in Lithuania, at the "Jazzkar" festival in Estonia, and at the "Roska Swing" festival in Lapland. Kobi recorded three records as a player and composer, together with Harold Rubin, Leszek Zadlo and Vigal Poni. He wrote music for plays and even performed at the suitcase festival in Bulgaria.In 1998 he initiated and founded Common Bond. Since then he has been leading the group as a writer, arranger and player.Kobi directs a music major at a high school and writes music for various TV channels.
Roni Zadik -
drums and percussion Born in 1961 in Israel. He served in the army in the air force orchestra, and after his release he went to study in the United States where he won a scholarship to study music at Berklee College of Music. Roni stayed in the United States for 5 years, where he played and recorded in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami with artists such as the Mendos brothers, Abraham Loviel, Brandon Fields, Kit Jones, Scio Bunz, Lilo Fedida and more. In 1992 he returned to Israel and played with Shalom Hanoch, Ricky Gal, Nurit Galron, Miki Gabrielov, Mati Caspi, and also played for two years on tour abroad with Ofra Haza and later with Mayra Asher at festivals in Europe.Roni played and plays at various festivals including the Monterey Festival in Switzerland, the Trans Brain Festival, the Red Sea Festival in Eilat and more, as well as playing in various plays and productions.In 2000 he founded a school for drumming and chapter studies in Kfar Saba
Omer Ri
Keyboards:Born in Beer Sheva in 1982, a classical piano student of Mrs. Fania Eisenberg Omar bachelor's degree from the Jerusalem Academy of Music in multidisciplinary Performance as a jazz pianist, and at the end of his graduate studies in composition.Student of Slava Ganelin and Nachum Perferkovic in jazz piano, and classical piano Zcharia Plavin .Omer Founded and plays in several groups: Fullbite (an urban jazz trio) – Original composition,Jazz and Roll- jazz interpretations to rock and pop songs - original arrangements by Omer , and the P Project ,Pianist / keyboardist of: Sarah Benasouli , Maya Pennington , Barak Hanoch , The Doo-Wop Girls, Assaf Levy, Chen Zimbalista, Roy Young, Arik Livnat, Ella Tadmor .Participated in jazz festivals known -Tel Aviv Jazz , Jazz Globus and appears in several productions abroad .Omer is also a musical director of important events in Israel, and a jazz piano teacher in various musical institutions.
Chen Meir –
percussionist and teacher Born in 1980 in Israel. He studied with Roni Tsadik, David Rich, then continued his studies in Africa with Sabola Bangura, Sammy Keita and in Cuba with Freddy Martinez and Barbo Valdez. Played and collaborated in Israel with Yehoram Gaon, Miri Mesika, Shlomi Shabat, collaborated with groups abroad Kabko, Volkata, Herman Olivera, Manu Gallo, Willy Torres, Panky Vazquez, Maria de Broz and more.... Chen teaches percussion and drums At the municipal conservatory in Herzliya.

Tzur Ben-Zev – music producer, composer, arranger, double bass and bass guitar player. Music teacher for 25 years, born in 1961 in Israel,* Graduated from Manhattan school of music; Plays classical, jazz, pop and world music, in Israel and around the world. At festivals such as "Motrey" in Switzerland, Peter Gabriel's "Wemed" in Hamburg, Germany, "Bembershot" in Seattle, Washington, "Japan Music Festival", "Istanbul Music Festival" in Turkey, in Beijing - China, South Korea, and more... ..Participant in the band "Shem Tov Levi Ensemble" the albums "Tahana Ruh" and "Ben Adama" and in shows*Participated in a band with Yair Dalal-Oud, Erez Monk-percussion, Eli Benakot-Ivy in a new album and shows* Production, arrangements and musical management:*Glykaria - musical management and playing*Glikaria—producing the show and recording the album with the "Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra"* Ofra Haza around the world - musical management and playing*Dan Shilon "Live" - musical management and playing (TV program)* Yaakov Agmon "Beer and Mood" - music management and playing TV program)*Arad Festival-An evening of Yankala Rotblit songs - with the participation of Korin Alel, Danny Bassan, Manny Begar, Shmulik Kraus and the "Atref" band.An evening with Eric Lavi*Festival of the Bible* "Women serving Karlibach" - with the participation of: Etti Ankri, Ruthi Navon, Leah Shabat, Yasmin Levy, Hadara Levin and Mika Karni*"From Shlomo the King to Shlomo Karlibach" with the participation of: Avihu Medina, Zion Golan, Lior Almalich, Avitar Banai, Orit Atar and Ariel Zilber.*"An evening from the songs of Shlomo Karlibach" - featuring: Aharon Razel, Haim David, Hizki Sofer, Shlomo Bar, Hami Rodner Sinai Tor, "soul farm"*"Bible songs for children" - with the participation of: C. Heyman, Tal Man, Dana Devorin, the Tsanhani brothers, Aharon Razel*Producer, arranger and musical director for albums:and Radina CohenNati LevyHani Livna and Nikos Demitratos from Greece - both a double album in Greek and Hebrew, and also a special show on the first channelTony Pearson USAShlomo Artzi ("Two")Currently working on: a rap album with Matan Levin, a rock album with Shani Miu, a rock album with Professor Elam Gross*Played with: Ofra Haza performances and recordings, Eric Lavi performances, Arkady Duchin performances and recordings, Miki Gabrielov performances and recordings, Ruthi Navon performances and recordings, Ricky Gal - performances, Danny Litani performances and recordings, Danny Robs recordings, Ephraim Shamir performances and recordings, Yizhar Cohen performances and recordings, Etti Ankri recordings and performances, Vardina Cohen performances and recordings, Amal Morkus performances, everything passes Habibi performances and recordings, Jerusalem Salsa Band performances, Maya Buskila performances, Judith Tamir performances, Mati Caspi performances, Boaz Sharabi performances, "Shaktak", there Tov Levy performances and recordings, Shlomo Gronich performances and recordings, Neshama Karlibach performances, Yoni Rechter performances, Rafi Perski performances, Lior Elmaleh performances and recordings, Shoshana Demari performances, Edna Goren performances, Kobi Recht performances and recordings, Ricky Gal performances, Yehoram Gaon performances,Omer Rizi –

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