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Harold Robin

I met Harold at the end of the eighties, Harold and his band Zaviyot gave a master class at the Rimon Music School.

The meeting was fascinating, intriguing, a master class that left a great impression on me.

Harold Rubin, a musician, clarinet player, master painter and one-of-a-kind architect is the only mentor I have had in my life. Harold was excellent in all areas of his life.


He was a sweet short thin man with a huge personality.

Harold is the type of person who makes everyone around him being great. Harold is the pioneer of free music in Israel, to my delight he invited me to play with him and make music together. Although Harold is a clarinet player and I am a guitarist, I can say with certainty that he was the most significant teacher in how to make music from the right place.


I played, performed and recorded with Harold from 1988 to 1995 then we parted ways, I continued my career and he continued his.

A few years ago I was invited to play with Harold at the jazz festival in Jerusalem, the festival dedicated to Harold where almost all the people who collaborated with Harold during his years of activity played, where I learned that Harold had Alzheimer's.


Until his death I tried to meet him every week and play together in my studio. Fortunately, with the help of Adam Baruch, who produced almost all of Harold's albums, I was able to record an album with Harold for the last time, it was an experience I will never forget. The last time we played, Harold said to me, "That's it, I can't play anymore." Cleaned and folded the clarinet.


I dedicated the first album I produced with the trio "Kobi Shefi Free Will Project" to Harold and therefore the name of the album "Harold"

As time goes by, my longing for Harold grows.

The Album

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