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World Talks: Solos & Duets

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FREE WILL PROJECT World Talks: Solos & Duets


The "FREE WILL PROJECT" is a captivating musical art creation that blends the talents of three remarkable individuals.

Within this project, each participant plays a different musical instrument - drums, saxophone, and guitars.

They utilize their skills and the broad range of these various instruments to craft instrumental music pieces that fuse elements of jazz and blues.

Part of the musical creation of the "FREE WILL PROJECT" includes solo and duet pieces that are recorded together. In these recordings, each artist takes a turn to showcase their solo talents on their respective instrument. The duets allow for a fascinating blend of two different instruments, creating a rich and profound musical dialogue.

The result is a creation of original music that is soulful in character, bringing to life the subtle and mellow ambiance of these genres, providing an immersive listening experience that instills calm and enjoyment.

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