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Kobi Shefi Top Jazz music

About Kobi Shefi


Born in 1960

Composer, arranger, producer, guitarist and educator Kobi Shefi.

Winner of 2013 "Acum" award for original music.

Studied guitar with Gil Dor. Played in ensembles like Nofet, Butterfly, Trialog. Performed at major festivals. Recorded albums as player/composer with collaborators like Harold Robin. Composed for films, theater.

Founded and leads Common Bond ensemble since 1998, their dominant composer/arranger.

Performed globally with Common Bond. Masters degree from Jerusalem Music Academy.

Created "Kobi Shefi Free Will Project" trio playing improvised jazz/rock/ethnic/classical music during COVID-19.

Come and hear the unique musical projects of Kobi Shefi



Immerse yourself in the free-flowing artistry of Free Will Project, an ensemble that embodies the spirit of jazz and blues. With improvisational prowess and deep emotional expression, this dynamic group invites you on a journey through the rich traditions of these quintessential American genres. Prepare to be transported by captivating melodies, and the raw, honest lyricism that lies at the heart of jazz and blues.


Embark on a transcendent musical odyssey with Common Bond, an ensemble that masterfully weaves together the vibrant tapestries of folk, jazz, and world music traditions. With each performance, this virtuosic group forges an unbreakable common bond between cultures, blending the earthy authenticity of soulful improvisations of jazz and the intoxicating rhythms of distant lands. Common Bond's eclectic sound is a kaleidoscope of influences, inviting audiences to experience the universal language of music in all its glorious diversity. Let their infectious grooves, soaring melodies, and intricate arrangements be your guide on a sonic adventure that celebrates the unifying power of music.

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panning diverse genres from jazz to around the world beats and beyond, this meticulously curated collection offers a rich tapestry of sounds to complement your films, TV shows, live events, and artistic endeavors, or expanding your musical arsenal with unique ensambles and projects.

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